Tooling & Designs

Prism Design-N-Tooling Technology Pvt. Ltd. (PDTT)

Our plastic mould and development centre is based in Pune, Maharashtra. PDTT has an efficient & well groomed employee base, which ensures its esteemed customers, productive & quality moulds with the option of after-sales service in maintaining them. All moulds are subjected to stringent quality control at various stages of the manufacturing process before the final shipment.

Mould Manufacturing

Superior raw materials coupled with standard mould elements of international make is our proven strength and has contributed to our reliability.


Catering to Automotive, Appliances, Electrical, Electronics, Engineering and Household Plastic- ware Industries.

Design Services

Princeware Design Services include cutting edge- design of various industrial and domestic products. The design center runs as an independent profit center and caters to different industries.